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Turning Dreams Into Reality in the New Year

By Rahul Kothari

January 1, 2019

I've never been good at giving gifts and even worse, for those who care about me, I'm impossible to give gifts to. I've told my family not to buy me anything, instead I love receiving things that the kids made or experiences we as a family can have together or opportunities to help others. So I started thinking to myself, what if there was a way to give and receive a gift that inspires, connects and has a positive impact? Even if its small wouldn't it be worth it? If good things come in small packages shouldn't it stand to reason that even better things must come in no package at all? As all of us go through the time honored tradition of setting our new year's resolutions I was reminded of how much your probability of success increases if you have some support. Even the mere act of sharing these resolutions with someone increases the probability. Or perhaps a partner who could motivate you, encourage you or act as a sounding board might be beneficial.

In fact the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) found that your chance of achieving a goal breakdown is:

· Percentage chance of achieving your goal if it is just an idea in your head- 10%

· Percentage chance of achieving your goal if it has a deadline – 40%

· Percentage chance of achieving your goal if you write it down and have a detailed plan – 50%

· Percentage chance if you have all of the above and accountability – 65%

· Percentage chance if you have all of the above and set up regular appointments with your accountability person– 95%

So if one of your New Year's resolutions is to be better connected to family, friends (old and new) or volunteer more or live a healthier lifestyle, maybe being an accountability partner for someone is the right gift for you to give. Alternatively, if you didn't get a gift that could really propel you to greater heights let this be our gift to you. Share your goal with the Positivity Project community and let's see if we can help each other make these dreams in to reality.

Among my many resolutions, a few are not to take things so seriously, be a little more free and silly and a little less concerned with what others might think about such behavior. Feel free to check in with me to see how it's going.

Here's to taking a glass half full approach to 2019. No matter what hand we're dealt, let's work together to support and encourage each other to make it the best year it can be!

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