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Why I love LEGO

By Ivanka Kothari (Age 11)

August 21, 2023

Playing with LEGO let’s your imagination run wild! LEGO is a awesome toy because you can make so many cool things with it! I started building with it when I was six years old and have loved it ever since. Once I even made my very own tree house! When you build stuff with LEGO, you feel really happy and proud of yourself. It's like making your own ideas come to life with your hands. You can even build houses, cars, and lots of other neat things. Me and my sister even built an entire neighborhood called Waffle Street, complete with a school, several houses, a park, farm, café and street cars. That set up entertained us for months of pretend play! It's like a never ending fun puzzle.

There are also lots of LEGO shows and books to entertain yourself with. One of our family favorites is a show called Brick Masters where contestants are given a very difficult LEGO assignment and they compete for the best build, my 3 year old brother goes crazy for this show! You can also create things that are not possible in the real world, like a floating castle, which I did once.

I really appreciate the ability to use the same LEGO blocks to build lots of different things. You can use super glue when building to fuse the blocks together so that your build never breaks! I often times like to do this because my little brother likes to destroy my builds, especially my favorite sets like the LEGO friends houses. We also love the LEGO friends camper because it has three floors, where we pretend the characters are on a vacation taking a girls trip around the world. This is by far my favorite set because you can take your dream vacation to many exotic places, it’s a fun escape!

LEGO bricks come in so many cool shapes. Having plenty of different shaped LEGO bricks allows lots of creativity. That’s how you build lots of sets like our LEGO Friends Camper, which had a lot of mechanical movements that you can make by yourself, with technic LEGO components.

I think that LEGO is the best toy for people who have wild imaginations, a toy that all ages can enjoy together. That way you can share ideas, creativity and fun memories with the whole family!


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