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A Roller Coaster Ride Has a Happy Ending

By Rahul Kothari

February 26, 2018

A little baby girl born 3.5 months early, weighing 1.5lbs lies in the NICU fighting for her life. A mother anguishes over a tough decision. A couple looking to love and support a new child has been on a roller coaster ride trying to make their dream come true. Three parties who didn't know each other are randomly brought together by trying circumstances. Meanwhile, friends and family who have supported the mother and couple are waiting on baited breath, hoping for the best.

Andy and Lori have been married for 11 years. When the time was right they like millions of other couples decided they wanted to have a baby. But as is far too often the case they struggled to get pregnant. They tried the old fashion way, they tried the latest technologies, they tried old wives tales, they tried everything. Disappointingly, nothing seemed to work so they turned to adoption. After jumping through the many hoops the process requires and enduring the ups and downs of the lengthy process they finally had a match. And that's when the story takes a twist. As if descended from the heavens, before they met their adoption match, on New Year's Day, they found out they had finally gotten pregnant. So they informed the adoption agency and excitedly prepared for the birth of their own child. Unfortunately, a short time later tragedy struck and they lost the baby to a miscarriage. They say when one door closes another opens and less than 24 hours after grappling with the loss of a baby Lori received a call that there was a baby prematurely born in their area that needed a home. After pulling an all-nighter putting together a picture book of their family for the birth mom's consideration they were chosen as the adoptive parents.

The agonizing ups and downs would not be something you would wish on your worst enemy but out of the dust a miracle happened. A young mother knows her baby has found a loving home. A loving couple knows they've been given the greatest gift. And that gift, that little girl connected to all those machines and tubes, has hope for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It wasn't the way you would have planned it but good things come to those who wait.

Already, in the days since this drama played itself out little Bria has brought so much joy in to the world. Andy and Lori are overcome with feelings of love for their precious little girl but the ripple effect extends beyond the immediate players in this story. As they tell the story to close friends and family those listeners are enthralled and so they tell others who are jubilant and they tell others who are inspired and a random dinner that started as a celebration party of five eventually results in the entire restaurant participating in the occasion. Bria still has a long road ahead and her path will not be without its ups and downs but a group of family and friends offers prayers, encouragement and even organizes meals for the family. Bria has already succeeded in bringing people together and spreading positivity in to the world.

Congratulations to the newly extended family. Although these words cannot do it justice, may all your lives be as wondrous as the story that brought you together.

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