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The Most Magical Day of the Year

By Vera Kothari (Age 9) August 27, 2023

Christmas is my absolute favorite day ever! I'm nine years old, and let me tell you, Christmas is the most amazing day in the whole wide world. First of all, the decorations are amazing! I love how everything sparkles and shines. And the best part is when my family sits in the living room and we watch a movie and eat snacks. And don't get me started on the Christmas tree! My family and I decorate it with shiny ornaments, lights, and a big, sparkly star on top oh and the the music is always is the best It makes our house feel like a winter wonderland. But you know what's even better than decorations? Presents! Who doesn't love waking up on Christmas morning and finding gifts under the tree? It's like a treasure hunt - you never know what you're going to get. And the best part is seeing the joy on my family's faces when they open the presents I got them. Giving gifts is almost just as much fun as receiving them. Oh, and let’s not forget about the food. Christmas dinner is so yummy. We have all sorts of delicious things to eat, like turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, Mac-n-cheese, my personal favorite and of course, cookies and milk for Santa! I also love baking cookies with my mom and sister before Christmas. The house smells so good. One thing that makes Christmas super special is spending time with my family. We all gather together, play games like taboo, and laugh a lot. I’m also counting down the days in till Christmas and sometimes, we even watch my favorite holiday movies, like the one about a kid who gets left alone at home early it's so funny! And have you heard of Santa Claus? He's the jolly man in the red suit who brings presents to kids all around the world. I love the idea that Santa and his reindeer fly through the sky, visiting every house in one night. It's like a magical adventure. Last but not least, there's the feeling of love and kindness all around during Christmas. People are more generous, caring, and friendly. So we go on walks around the neighborhood and talk to other people it’s so fun So, that's why Christmas is my absolute favorite day! From the decorations to the presents, the food, the family time, and the love in the air – it's just the most wonderful and magical day ever. I can't wait for this year's Christmas and all the joy it will bring. 🎄🎅🎁


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