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Why My Parents Should Get Me A Phone

By Vera Kothari (Age 9)

August 21, 2023

Safety Phones can be used for almost everything, and one of them is safety. Phones have a built in GPS. A GPS can come in handy when you want to find out where you are in the world, and if you ever end up lost you can use an app called Google Maps. Also, you can call for help if you are ever in danger. I would feel safer when I go out if I had a phone with me. Independence

Having a phone gives a kid a sense of independence, and how to build the trusting relationship with your parents. Kids can pay their own cell phone bill which can teach them to manage their own finances, and a budget to prepare them for adulthood. If my parents bought me a phone I would pay the bill by myself using my monthly allowance which I earn doing my chores. Education Phones are not only for entertainment but also educational tools. With the phone I have access to a world of full of information. I can research any topic, read books on online library such as Libby, learn a new language, do my math homework on Beast Academy, learn my geography with Stack the States. There is no limit to what I can learn using my phone. I learned this in the last few years of homeschooling, where everything I learned using my iPad I could’ve also done using my phone, which is much more compact for on the go learning. Responsibility Owning a phone can teach a kid responsibility. It teaches me how to manage my time screen limits, saving time for homework, friends and family fun. A phone allows me to keep in touch with friends and family near and far and makes me practice communicating in a kind and respectful way. A phone allows my parents to trust me that I will take care of the phone, charge it and use it responsibly. A phone is a very expensive purchase and I feel like I’m old enough and mature enough to understand that and take care of it. In conclusion, these are all the reasons my parents should buy me a phone!


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