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Why I Love Slime

By Vera Kothari (Age 9)

August 21, 2023

Today I’m going to tell you about something that brings a big joy to me, slime! Slime is like my happiness in a bowl, and I’m going to tell you why. First things first, slime is like a squishy, colorful adventure! I mean, have you ever seen how it stretches and feels in your hands? It’s like having a mini science experiment that’s also really fun. And the best part? There are a million different types of things you can put in slime such as soap, shaving cream, glitter and much more. And guess what? Slime isn’t just gooey fun it’s actually kinda smart too! When I mix colors and textures, it’s like I’m a mad scientist creating something totally new. Plus, I’m getting better at measuring and mixing, so it’s learning while I play. Oh, and I love the sounds! Have you heard the swoosh and pop sound when you play with slime? It’s like music for my fingers! And sometimes, I even make videos of me playing with slime because the sounds are so cool. Lastly, let’s talk about sharing the love. When I show my slime creations to my friends ( their eyes are amazed. We swap tips, tricks, and even trade slimes sometimes. It’s like our own little club of squishy happiness, and it’s awesome. So, there you have it, slime is an amazing, squishy, colorful, shareable joy!


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