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Positivity: A Healthy Diet and Exercise Routine for the Soul

Positivity is a healthy diet and exercise routine for the soul

Food is nourishment for the body. You can chose to consume healthy food or unhealthy food and inevitably your body will become what you eat. Information is nourishment for the mind. Again, you can chose to consume information that helps you grow or information of superficiality and inevitably your mind will become what it consumes. The body and the mind are two key components of your overall well-being but isn’t it about mind, body AND soul? Yes, I know it sounds hokey but maybe we need to have a plan for the nourishment and exercise of our soul too? Could the nourishment for your soul be your attitude? If you surround yourself with positivity could it enhance your soul and the attainment of the ultimate goal, happiness? And conversely if you feed your soul with a steady diet of negativity could that have an adverse effect on your soul and happiness? We think the answer is yes.

According to Time Magazine, the self-improvement or “happiness industry” has grown to a $10 billion plus industry in the US, yet as a country we are trending down in terms of our rank and self-assessment of our happiness levels. Positivity is an excellent recipe for happiness and it is free. That doesn’t mean it’s easy as many of us have formed bad habits brought upon, in part, an emphasis on “critical thinking.” Critical thinking is what smart people do. It’s what we’re taught at school. We compare and contrast, we debate. How can this be a bad thing? The very word “critical” insinuates negative. What if we reframed what it means to be smart and called it “Insightful” thinking instead? Original thinking is great but sometimes it’s equally impactful to build upon something and collaborate with people. It feels good to support and encourage people so let’s celebrate those that do. Let’s celebrate those that do good and all the things we have to be thankful for.

As many of start the new year with resolutions to eat better and get healthy let’s not forget to feed our souls a healthy diet of positivity and exercise positivity as well. We hope you will find consuming positivity a little easier with the help of this community and that we can help you in further developing positive habits through some of our weekly challenges. This week’s challenge… try to say what you’re thankful for around the dinner table.

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